2017 Nominees for SAMRT Council

The SAMRT has six Council vacancies for the term January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2020 and seven members have agreed to let their names stand. We encourage voting members to view the details of each candidate prior to casting a vote. Members are required to check off six names as indicated on the ballot, by selecting the names of the candidates of the member's choice. All ballots must be received by September 1, 12:00 p.m. Two scrutineers will be appointed and the ballots will be counted on September 1. The winners will be announced at the 2017 Annual General Meeting September 9th at the Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre, Saskatoon, SK. In the case of a tie vote, the winner shall be determined by random draw.

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Finte Adem, MPH, MRT

Finte Adem

Finte (Finn) was born and raised in Ethiopia, East Africa. After coming to Canada he studied medical radiation science through       a joint program at the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences and the University of Toronto, graduating with a diploma in radiological technology and a BSc degree in radiation sciences. He also holds a Master’s degree in public health specializing in healthcare leadership/ organizational change management from the University of Saskatchewan.

Finn currently works at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina as an MRT, performing general radiography and CT imaging. He has been a member of SAMRT and CAMRT since 2011. He was a volunteer member of the SAMRT Audit Committee completing one three year term from 2013-2016.Finn would like the opportunity to serve as a Council member to gain exposure to how the SAMRT conducts its business to achieve its mandate to serve Saskatchewan residents.


Finn believes he would be an asset to assist the SAMRT in its endeavors in guiding MRTs to perform their duties to the public in a proficient and safe manner. He believes his educational background in change management would contribute to helping SAMRT during the provincial health care restructuring. 


Bashir Jalloh,  MPH, B.Sc., MRT (N)

 B JallohBashir is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and has worked at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina for 11 years. He has served on various committees for SAMRT and CAMRT, and served as Vice President on Council in 2014-2015, followed by two terms as President in 2015-2016. Bashir is currently serving as Past-President on the SAMRT Council and will complete this term on December 31, 2017.

Bashir believes this is a crucial time both for SAMRT and for our province. He would like to renew his term on Council to ensure a smooth transition. He believes the knowledge he has gained in the past several years will be an added value for the organization. 


Brenda Lock, MRT, CIR

Brenda completed the Medical Radiation Technologist program in Saskatoon in 1984. She has worked as an MRT in general radiology, mammography and interventional radiology. For the past two years Brenda has been working as the supervisor for Quality and Safety in Medical Imaging with the Saskatoon Health Region.

Brenda has served as an appointed member of Council since early 2017, she is currently filling the role of Vice-President and has really enjoyed the experience. Brenda would like to continue to serve as a Council member to assist in maintaining a strong professional governing body. She as has both the desire and time to give back to the organization. Through work experiences she believes she can contribute in a valuable way to the council and organization.


Scott Mildenberger,  RTNM, CTIC, PET/CT 

Anonymous Person

Scott has been a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for 13 years graduating from SAIT in 2004. In 2012, he was promoted to be the supervisor of the PETICT department in the Saskatoon Health Region and helped develop Saskatchewan’s first PETICT program. In 2013 he completed his CT certification, and in 2017 also completed his PETICT certification.

Scott has served as an appointed member of Council since early 2017, and had an interest in volunteering for the SAMRT for some time. He has spoken at several conferences and volunteered with the group that wrote the Standards and Scope of Practice and the CT Position Statement. His believes his current position, experience and education would provide a unique perspective on the SAMRT council. 

Katelyn New, RTR

Katelyn is originally from Coronach, and has lived in Regina for 9 years.  She has worked with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region for 5 years.  She is currently working as an MRT in the interventional radiology department and is working on obtaining a Certificate in Interventional Radiology (CIR) with the CAMRT.

Katelyn has served on Council for three years and will complete her term on December 31, 2017. She is interested in serving a second term. Katelyn has found the experience rewarding, and believes it is important to be involved in the ever changing MRT profession. 


Mary Rafferty, DCR (D), Cert CT, RTR, CBID

Mary qualified in Diagnostic Imaging from The Society of Radiographers, and has worked in many modalities in Dublin, Ireland, specializing in CT, and Education,  and for the last six years in Mammography in Moose Jaw Regional Hospital. Mary has experience in coordinating, presenting and running short courses for Radiographers, including I.V. cannulations for diagnostic imaging and "Red Dotting" of abnormal trauma radiography.

Mary has a strong interest in promoting the MRT profession from within and would like to improve and advance our practice. She thinks it is important for everyone to support their professional body. She would like to contribute ideas from her experiences outside of Canada and is eager to discuss how we can advance our standing as health professionals in the ever changing medical field of diagnostic imaging. Mary would like to ensure that the MRT's role in the patient care journey, is better recognized within the health sciences field and believes the best way to do this is to contribute to the SAMRT by getting involved in their important work.  Mary hopes she can count on your vote to make this happen.

Lyle Theriault, RTNM

Lyle is a senior Nuclear Medicine Technologist in the Department of Nuclear Medicine in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, where he currently holds the full time positon of Radiation Safety Officer. Lyle is a passionate advocate for families of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Radiation Safety, Worker’s rights and Worker’s representation. 

Lyle was born in Calgary, AB and has worked in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. His 43 year work history and on-going education has gained him credentials and recognition in Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Safety. His career has also included journeyman’s certificates as a Carpenter, Waste and Potable Treatment Operations and Firefighter. Through his career, he has gained knowledge and practise in Labour Law, Occupational Health & Welfare, Non-profit Organization and Regulation as well as Health Care and Municipal Affairs.

Lyle’s current position requires knowledge and understanding of Federal and Provincial Acts and Regulations and serves as a liaison with Regulators and Senior Management. He is the direct contact in the case of emergency involving radioactive material or exposure for RQHR and the Canadian Safety Commission.

Lyle is a strong believer in workplace representation and protection. He believes that along with finding a balance between work and home, a balance between the SAMRT and its members must also be achieved. He would like serve the members by ensuring a balance between the organization mandate and the requirements of its members is achieved. He believes that the SAMRT should function responsibly in all financial, educational and administrative affairs while protecting the public. 

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