Have you ever wondered who was operating your CT scan, x-ray equipment, nuclear medicine scanner, MRI unit or radiation therapy equipment? The answer is medical radiation technologists, nationally certified members of the health care team who provide the vital link between technology and patient care. These highly educated professionals use specialized clinical skills and work in four different disciplines:

MAGNETIC RESONANCE TECHNOLOGISTS or MRI technologists, produce diagnostic images using equipment that generates radio waves and a strong magnetic field. They apply their extensive knowledge of anatomy, pathology and physiology as well as their patient care skills in order to obtain the necessary images and monitor patients during scans.

NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGISTS have technical expertise in the use of radio pharmaceuticals and radiation physics, which allows them to perform diagnostic imaging procedures through SPECT and PET imaging. They acquire images of various body systems which aid in identifying normal and diseased tissue, and they keep patients safe by ensuring proper radiation handling and protection techniques are followed.

RADIATION THERAPISTS are responsible for accurately planning and administering the radiation treatment for cancer patients using radiation treatment units. Newer techniques, such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, alone or in conjunction with Image Guided Radiation Therapy, offer the most advanced forms of treating cancer from outside the body. Therapists offer ongoing care and support to patients and their families during the course of treatment.

RADIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGISTS produce images of body parts and systems by performing exams in general x-ray, CT, breast imaging, and operating room procedures. They are highly trained in the use of complex medical equipment which is used to better differentiate between normal and diseased tissue, while at the same time providing comprehensive compassionate care to each patient.

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